Fast reimbursements following an emergency response

ARRO connects responders in the field not only with headquarters, but with finance and accounting experts.

ARRO is trusted by

Law Enforcement



Non profits

Public Works / Utilities

Track your personnel

Track your equipment

Get reimbursed faster

One system backed by 40 years of experience.

Care for your people

Easy to use - intuitive mobile interface allows teams to use in the field without extensive training.

Respond better

No more running from partner to partner to figure out how many responders are deployed and what equipment is in use in the field.

Recover faster

ARRO standardize, streamline, and simplifies the reimbursement process - automatically populating required forms.

What ARRO can do for you.


Of eligible expenses recovered by a large state National Guard client, in the same year as incurred

30-60 days

Time to close out missions after event.


On-demand support for simultaneous emergency responses nationwide.

Ever since we started using ARRO, we haven’t had to look at anyone else. I’m getting called up by more and more states, getting asked what we use.

With ARRO, CMD Receives 80% of Eligible Reimbursements by Close of Fiscal Year 2021

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