ARRO Automates The ICS 214 Process


ARRO’s easy-to-use, intuitive mobile interface enables Emergency Management organizations to gather all the data needed for the ICS 214 activity log. These THREE Simple STEPS give you oversight, authorization, and approval of this important process.

In ARRO, set up a mission with the information YOU need or pull information from a mission management system, such as from the WebEOC, in one click.

Assign emergency responders and response teams to the mission.

Determine what data YOU want responders in the field to provide.

Emergency responders and response teams input response information – AT THE MISSION SITE.

All Information is authorized and approved, creating an instant audit trail.

Review and approve when need – weekly, daily, hourly – it’s up to YOU.

When ready, use ARRO to create an ICS 214 form with all supporting documents.

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