Are You Ready For An Emergency Activation?


Are you ready for all of its administrative and reporting requirements associated with an emergency activation?  ARRO is here to help.

  • ARRO is emergency management software that enables you to track all the people deployed, equipment used, and purchases made during an emergency response with the use of a mobile device – giving you real-time operational and situational awareness.
  • ARRO has command and control capabilities to allow administrative authorization and approval, instantly creating an audit trail.
  • ARRO automatically populates required reimbursement documents with supporting evidence – eliminating all the manual entry associated with FEMA documents and state forms.

ARRO is a real-time situational awareness tool, allowing you to auto-populate many ICS and FEMA forms (including the ICS 214 and FEMA Cat B documents).  ARRO also gives you the ability to track activity, equipment usage, and cost recovery all from a mobile device.

Are you ready for real time cost recovery?

See how ARRO helps you Respond Better and Recover Faster