Respond better, recover faster.

ARRO provides emergency management organizations with real-time personnel and equipment tracking for faster reimbursement.

ARRO is a real-time Personnel, Equipment, and Reimbursement tracking SaaS to help you Care For Your People, Respond Better, and Recover Faster

Trusted by top emergency management facilities


Onboard people and equipment for all types of emergencies including natural disasters, civil unrest, and pandemics.


Respond better with the click of a button - delegate tasks and eliminate manual processes, and other outdated technology.


Real time cost recovery. ARRO enables you to conclude the response and resume normal activities quickly.


Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to collect and manage the data that matters the most to you.

Built to support the hardest working emergency response facilities on planet earth.


National Guard

Manage your State Active Duty missions and pay your Guardsmen for all types of emergencies including natural disasters, civil unrest, and pandemics.


Emergency Management

Track your deployed emergency responders, administration staff, equipment used, and purchases made, on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops.

What ARRO can do for you.


Of eligible expenses recovered by a large state National Guard client, in the same year as incurred,

30-60 days

Time to close out missions after event.


On-demand support for simultaneous emergency responses nationwide.

Ever since we started using ARRO, we haven’t had to look at anyone else. I’m getting called up by more and more states, getting asked what we use.

With ARRO, CMD Receives 80% of Eligible Reimbursements by Close of Fiscal Year 2021

Are you ready for real time cost recovery?

See how ARRO helps you Respond Better and Recover Faster